Porcupine River Sausage
Submitted by: Darius Elias

Amount Ingredient
1 Moose intestine
Caribou meat.
River water.

My uncles and I harvested a moose and some caribou in the fall of 1999 along the Porcupine River near Salmon Cache and I remembered a recipe that my dad showed me one time.

I took the intestine from the rump of the moose. It's about 2.5 feet long and is like sausage casings. I then cleaned it out real good in the river and turned it inside out so the fat was on the inside. To do this I slid a willow through the intestine, tied the end of the willow to the end of the intestine, and pulled it through. Then I cut the intestine in half because it ended up to be too long to make just one. I then tied one end of each of the two moose intestines with twine.

I then cut up small pieces of potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips and some caribou meat and mixed it all together with salt and pepper and stuffed the vegetables and meat inside the two intestines pieces. I added some river water and then tied the other ends off.

We were going to go further up river to look for more caribou so I wrapped both of the stuffed moose intestines in tin foil and buried them under our campfire a couple inches under the soil. I then placed lots of coals on top. When we came back some hours later I dug up the tin foil wraps and they were still hot. I was careful not to get dirt on the stuffed intestine. It was cooked perfect.

I cut up some on my plate with salt and some HP sauce for dipping. Sure hit the spot after a long days hunt!

If you do this recipe in your own kitchen at home you could use fancier vegetables and seasonings, but if you're on the banks of the Porcupine hunting you can't take all the fancy ingredients or your uncles are gonna say "Hey we got too much stuff!"