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Where is your kitchen? The Gwitchin kitchen could be in a log house in Old Crow, in a wall tent or cabin at Crow Flats, or by a fire on the banks of the Porcupine River. Wherever your kitchen is, you are sure to enjoy these recipes.

The following recipes were submitted by residents of Old Crow. Enjoy.

Meat Dishes
Gravy Fried Caribou
Stuffed Caribou Heart
Boiled Caribou Ribs
Caribou Roast with Gravy
Ch'agwat (Boiled Caribou Leg)
Porcupine River Sausage
Roasted Muskrat
Rabbit Pie
Stuffed Ptarmigan
Black Duck Soup
Whitefish Egg Recipes
Breads and Deserts
Rosalie's Oven Bannock
Cranberry Muffins
Grease Bannock
Hudson Bay Bannock
Kathie's Oven Biscuits
Edith's Fried Bannock
Wild Blueberry Pancakes
Very Simple Doughnuts
Cameron's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ch'itsuh (Pemmican)
Bone Grease
Caribou Meatballs
Old Crow Blueberry Jam

We will be posting further recipes as they are submitted. Please check back.