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Whitefish Egg Recipes
Submitted by: Mary Jane Moses and Elizabeth Kaye

Fried Whitefish Eggs
Gut the whitefish, rinse off the eggs, get as many as you can to fill the frying pan and add small amount of butter. Fry and stir until the eggs break apart and are nicely browned for about 15 minutes on medium heat. This is a delicious treat by itself.

Fried Whitefish Eggs and Old Crow Blueberries
Follow the above instructions then add 1 cup (or more) of clean, rinsed off blueberries with sugar to taste. Another delicious treat.

Boiled Whitefish, Whitefish Eggs and Old Crow Blueberries
Place cut up whitefish pieces and fish eggs into pot of water, full boil for about 20 minutes. Take fish and eggs out of the pot and debone the fish then mash the fish flakes up and add in the boiled fish eggs and 2 cups of blueberries. Add sugar to taste.

Frozen Whitefish Eggs
In the fall time, fish nets are set at Crow Point, some people get whitefish in their "under the ice" fish nets. Once a fish is caught, it is gutted and the whitefish at this time of year, fall time, has lots of eggs. You take out the eggs and rinse them off under cold running water. Place in clean container dish and place in freezer. The next day, take out the frozen fish eggs and cut off chunks, sprinkle with salt and eat as is. A very delicious and nutritious snack.

Whitefish Eggs in Hudson Bay Bannock
Prepare Hudson Bay Bannock dough as per the recipe here.Opens in new window...
Remove the parts that hold the eggs together, and put eggs into a bowl and whip for at least 5 minutes. Mix into dough.
Fry as per the Hudson Bay Bannock recipe.

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