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Gravy Fried Caribou
Submitted by: Tammy Josie

Great for quick lunches or a delicious meal that you will definitely crave.

Amount Ingredient
1/2-1 lbs Caribou meat from rump or from arms or ham.
Several Chunks of caribou rump fat.
1/4 cup Flour.
1 ts Salt (optional)
1/2 ts Pepper (optional)
1 clove Fresh garlic. Chopped. (optional)

Cut up the caribou meat into bit size chunks. Put the flour into a bag (freezer bag) or plate. Add seasoning if desired (salt & pepper, garlic). Heat frying pan to medium heat. Add chunks of caribou fat for grease. Add chunks of meat to flour and shake/coat evenly. Place meat and any remaining flour into frying pan, stir, and cover. Stir occasionally. Cook to desired meat texture.

Variations: Substitute caribou meat with moose meat and moose fat.

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