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Bone Grease
Submitted by: Dorothy Frost

Amount Ingredient
Caribou bones from arm or ham.
Ice or Snow.

Gather the necessary tools, large flat rock, small axe, clean cloth and your large enamel pot. Start a roaring hot fire in your wood stove or use a cook top range on high heat. This may take a few hours (2 to 3 hours) not including the time it takes to pound the bones.

Step 1: Gather the caribou bones. Break into manageable pieces. (Important note: remove the round joint bone that attaches the ham bone to the rump bone, otherwise it will soak up the grease)

Step 2: On a clean cloth, pound the bones to small pieces no larger than 5 inches.

Step 3: Place all bones in a heavy duty enamel pot, add 2 inches of water and bring to a rapid boil.

Step 4: Slowly add either ice or snow and bring back to a rapid boil, repeat this process until the pot is full and grease begins to rise to the top. Boil 2-3 hours.

Step 5: Spoon out grease carefully and filter through a cheese cloth to ensure all small bits of bone are filtered out.

Step 6: Cool off.

Serve as a condiment with dried meat, or boiled meat. This is a delectable dish to share with friends and special guests.

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