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Cst. Tom Wyers Cst. Tom Wyers
Pictured above Cst. Tom Wyers at his desk and checking a rifle in the
evidence/firearms storage room.

Cpl. Steven Daley Right, Cpl. Steven Daley logs into the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database. CPIC is available to most police agencies in Canada. The CPIC database contains information on individuals with criminal records, probation and parole information, and wanted or arrest warrant information. Another database available to the RCMP is the Police Information Retrieval System (PIRS). The PIRS databank contains complainant, victim, suspect, and witness information. Also available to RCMP members is the National RCMP Intranet. This service offers e-mail, limited internet access, job manuals, job postings, administrative manuals, and operation manuals. Because there is no road access to Old Crow and therfore no data lines to the outside world, all database information listed above is received via satelite through a dialup connection.

Detachment Weight Room During their off duty time RCMP members can get a workout in the detachment weight room.

RCMP Airplane - Old Crow Airport RCMP detachment supplies are flown into Old Crow via the RCMP airplane.

Cst. Tom Wyers, Gwitchin Elder Charlie Thomas, and Sgt. Steve Gleboff Pictured left, L-R Cst. Tom Wyers, Gwitchin Elder Charlie Thomas, and Sgt. Steve Gleboff on a trip to Arctic Village. Sgt. Gleboff has since left Old Crow and is now stationed in Dawson City, Yukon.

Pictured right, Cpl. Steve Daley presents a cheque to Mabel Tetlichi the CELC worker at the Chief Zzeh Gittlit School. The cheque will go towards the fund raising efforts for a Scholastic Achievement feast being offered to this years graduates of F.H. Collins High School. Mabel Tetlichi and Cpl. Steve Daley

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