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Alts’ik K’atr’anahtii Zheh

Old Crow
Health Centre

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Alts’ik K’atr’anahtii Zheh-Old Crow Health Centre The Old Crow Health Centre, pictured left, was built in 1960 and later upgraded in 1985. This large building houses a clinic, offices for staff, a visitor's suite, two apartments, furnace room and storage space. It is staffed year round by 1 Nurse in Charge and 1 Full-time registered nurse, a Clerk/Receptionist and a Custodial Worker.

Health Centre waiting areaThe clinic area consists of the reception area, examination rooms and several other rooms. Meetings and education sessions are held in the telehealth room.

Health care in Old Crow is provided by the Government of Yukon, Health and Social Services, Community NursingOpens in new window....

Nurses interested in working here can find more information at employment.gov.yk.caOpens in new window....

Hours of Operation

Every morning is walk-in clinic 8:30am-11:30am
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (lunch is from noon to 1pm)

Monday - Well Child/ Immunizations 1 - 4pm
Tuesday - Well Woman/Well Man 1 - 4pm
Wednesday - Blood Work 8:30 - 9:00am / Closed for administration 1-4pm
Thursday - Chronic Disease 1 - 4pm
Friday - Drop-in all day

A nurse is on call for emergencies only after hours, weekends and holidays!

Melinda Arnett

Melinda Arnett is Old Crow’s returning Nurse in Charge. She is here with her husband Jason and daughter Emily. Melinda and her family live in Whitehorse, they moved to the Yukon 9 years ago from Quebec.

Melinda Arnett

Sandra Piper is Old Crows new Primary Health nurse. She will be splitting a full time position with Simon Graham, doing 8 weeks on 8 weeks off. Sandra is from Nanaimo British Columbia. Her happy nature makes her a great fit for Old Crow.

Simon Graham

Simon Graham joined the Community Nursing family this year. He was born in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Canada in 2002 with his wife and two sons. He is an experienced Remote & Emergency Nurse, and was an Army Medic in Australia.

Tabatha Chiasson

Tabatha Chiassonis Old Crow Health Centre’s Administrative Assistant. She has been with Community Nursing for a total of 7 years. 4 years Auxiliary/On call, and 3 years permanent. Her duties include greeting clients and answering the phone, maintaining client records, setting up appointments, and arranging medical travel to Whitehorse for clients who require it.

Sherrie Frost

Sherrie Frost has been with Community Nursing as the Custodian for nearly 7 years. Her duties include keeping the main level areas clean and hygienic, the floors in good condition and the outside areas clean and safe. She also delivers and picks up freight and performs other maintenance duties as required.

Past Nurses posted in Old Crow.
(Many are missing. Please contact us if you have pictures or bio information.)
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