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The Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation would like to acknowledge many of our beloved elders whom we all so dearly love here in Old Crow. As a tribute to our elders whose advice, guidance and knowledge tie our past to our future; strengthening our culture and community.

For many years our elders have shared their wisdom, strength and stories with us. A lot has changed around their lives since being a child. Today with new technology we are able to share our culture with you. In this page, we give honor to our Elders.

Dick Nukon
Bertha Allen
Victor Peterson
Marion Nukon
Irwin Linklater
Stephen Frost

The following Elders have Passed away
Rev. Dr. Ellen Bruce
Miss Edith Josie
Andrew Tizya
Tabitha Kyikavichik
Lydia Thomas
Hannah Netro
John Ross Tizya
Annie Lord
Peter Tizya
Mary Netro
Charlie Peter Charlie Sr.
John Joe Kyikavichik
Alfred Charlie
Mary Tizya
Donald Frost
Fanny Charlie