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On June 3rd, 2008 a sweet little boy was born at the Inuvik Regional Hospital. Two days later he was delivered to our home all bundled and full of love around him. Before he left his home community of Fort McPherson he was given the name Jayce. We took him, watched him as he slept so small, held him even though he wasnít fussing, and surrounded him with love in any way we could.
Well itís been 4 months now baby, the adoption papers are final and we still continue to: watch you as you sleep; run to you when we hear a little coo as you awake and to see the big bright smile and excitement as you kick your legs to be picked up; we carry you while you when you arenít fussing; and give you kisses too much times in a day. What would our day be without you, our little sweet Jayce. You have brought so much love and joy to everyone. We love you with all our heart.